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Some people live their whole life with a bite that doesn’t fit together properly; not even realizing the cause is from improper teeth alignment. Your West Fort Worth, TX dentist at White Settlement Family Dentistry know all too well how poor bite alignment can effect your whole state of oral health. If you are one who suffers from alignment problems or thinks you may have alignment problems, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Your smile deserves to be beautiful, but also functional too! We can help prevent potentially serious issues with your oral health before they have a chance to cause problems by straightening crooked, overlapping, gapped, or overcrowded teeth.

Luckily, your West Fort Worth dentists have a lot of experience in adjusting improperly bite alignment through orthodontics. We have two different options:


ClearCorrect is a clear plastic aligner that is made specifically for your teeth. Every two or three weeks you will receive a new aligner, with each new one moving your teeth closer to your goal! One of the benefits of ClearCorrect braces is that they are nearly invisible, so nobody will notice you are wearing them. Another great feature is that they are removable, so you can brush and floss normally, and have no food restrictions!

For more information about how White Settlement Family Dentistry can straighten out your misaligned teeth in less than a year, call 817-529-0529, or complete our online form.

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