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Ultra Sonic Cleanings

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Has it been too long since you’ve had your teeth cleaned? Perhaps you sometimes think to yourself “how often should I go to the dentist, my teeth are in good shape!” It turns out; the ADA (America Dental Association) recommends you see a dentist for an in-depth cleaning every 6 months. Dental cleanings from one of our West Fort Worth dental hygienists is one of the simplest preventative measures that can be utilized to keep your smile healthy and confident.

You may also think to yourself, “I brush and floss my teeth twice a day, isn’t that enough?” While it’s true that routine brushing and flossing is imperative to the health of your gums and teeth, but over time dental plaque and stains will build up on the tooth surface and can’t be brushed away by a standard toothbrush. Luckily, your dentist in White Settlement has got you covered! Ultrasonic scaling is a simple yet extremely effective procedure that removes the hardened plaque trapped beneath your gums.

Our ultrasonic scalers will reach the places that brushing and flossing can’t, and prevent the plaque from decaying your teeth and infecting your gums. If you don’t clean your teeth every 6 months, you risk creating an environment that harbors gum disease.

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