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Root Canal Therapy

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Root canal therapy sounds scarier than it actually is. A lot of anxious people have given root canals a bad reputation because the procedure seems complicated and traumatic. In actuality, root canal therapy is a fairly simple procedure that is performed all the time by your experienced White Settlement dentists. Root canal therapy is one of the best ways to relieve the pain of an infected tooth while keeping the natural tooth intact and healthy. By removing the infected area, your smile gets to remain the same and you avoid other more invasive and costly treatments, such as tooth extractions and dental implants.

If you think that your tooth might be infected, we suggest making an appointment at our Fort Worth dental office so that we can take a look and determine whether endodontics, a more formal term for root canal treatment, are necessary. The sooner you take care of a damaged tooth the better!

Why Would I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Every tooth has a layer of soft tissue (pulp) where your nerves run from the root to the crown. Deep decay or a crack can allow bacteria to penetrate the pulp and cause infection. The symptoms of this infection are usually very painful and can cause swelling, abscesses, tooth loss, and even damage to the surrounding jawbone if not taken care of. At White Settlement Family Dentistry, we take pride in conservative dental care that focuses on keeping all of your natural teeth, which is exactly what root canal therapy allows us to do.

Here are some root canal signs and symptoms you can look out for: pain ranging from dull to severe, sensitivity to temperature, swollen gums, a pimple-like bump on gums, and darkening of a tooth. If you start noticing any of these, it’s best if you visit a dental professional so they can give you an accurate diagnosis. The important thing to remember is that not all patients needing root canal therapy will experience the same types of symptoms. In fact, some do not even experience pain signaling that something is wrong. By visiting a dentist, you can get an expert opinion on what you should do to keep your teeth healthy and prevent further damage.

What Is the Root Canal Treatment Procedure Like?

The root canal treatment procedure is essentially removing any infected pulp within your tooth. Before we begin, we’ll perform an exam and take X-rays in order to plan how will we treat your tooth. The severity of the infection can differ between patients, and we want to make sure we precisely and accurately plan what will be best for you.

Once that is done, we’ll start off by administering local anesthetic to the treatment area. That way we can lessen any discomfort you might experience during the procedure. We’ll then make an opening at the top of your tooth and clean out the infected pulp from your root canals. After we’ve cleaned and reshaped that area, we’ll fill and seal the root canals. Depending on the structure of your tooth, we may decide that it’s best to place an additional restoration like a dental crown in order to give your tooth enough support.

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