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If you are missing teeth due to trauma, decay, or any other reason, it’s important to replace them in order to keep the integrity of your oral health in good standing. The best and most permanent way to replace missing tooth is a dental implant from your West Fort Worth, TX dentists at White Settlement Family Dentistry.

A dental implant is a small screw-like post that is surgically placed into your jaw. The post is made of biocompatible titanium so that it fuses with the jaw once it heals. This post, or implant, acts as the root for your new crown (replacement tooth). Your new dental implant will fit right in with your other teeth and feel great too!

It’s important to replace a missing tooth because certain aspects of your oral health will be affected. For example, your gums will recede in the area, your other teeth will move into the area and cause crookedness, and your tooth-supporting bone will naturally deteriorate. Dental implants will jeep your gums and jawbone healthy. Dental implants have a 95% success rate and will keep your smile full!

There are three primary tooth replacement options that White Settlement Family Dentistry offers: single tooth replacements, multi-tooth replacements, and implant-supported dentures. Depending upon the number of missing teeth, certain implant options will be superior to others:

Single Tooth ReplacementsMulti-Tooth ReplacementsImplant-Supported Dentures
Single Tooth Replacements
Single-Tooth Replacements have the highest success rate and are the best long-term investment for replacing a single tooth, because single implants will not decay or need root canal treatments, it’s essentially a brand new tooth.
Multi-Tooth Replacements
Multi-tooth replacements are similar to dental bridges, and are commonly performed when three or more teeth in a row are missing, which is an advantage over a bridge that connects to a natural tooth because there is no natural tooth to weaken or decay.
Implant-Supported Dentures
Implant-supported dentures will replace entire jawlines along the top or bottom (or both) rows, acting as a more effective denture that will not shift around the mouth or fall out when jaw movement occurs from eating or speaking. Instead, implant-supported dentures will lock into place as an entire row of comfortable, bottom or top jaw connected row of teeth.

Your dental implant will stay healthy as long as you brush and floss daily. Treat it just like the rest of your teeth with routine oral healthcare and your dental implant will last a lifetime!

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