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Top 5 Scariest Monster Teeth

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illustration of a werewolf during the full moon

There’s plenty that should be scary about Halloween – spooky costumes, haunted houses, creepy decorations. However, as the season of increased candy consumption approaches, we never want our patients feeling terrified about the state of their oral hygiene! To maintain the health of your smile during the Halloween season, make sure you’re indulging your sweet tooth in moderation and keeping up with your regular dental care habits. At White Settlement Family Dentistry, we’ve gotten into the Halloween spirit by asking our team for their top five favorite monster teeth. Get ready for vampire fangs, werewolf canines, and gnashing teeth galore.

5. The Pale Man, Pan’s Labyrinth

Hear us out on this one. The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth seems like he’s missing teeth but his lack of visible fangs is even scarier. This is a monster whose eyeballs are in his hands and who has a taste for young children – frightening, if you ask us!

4. Werewolf, An American Werewolf in London

Not only are the werewolf’s frightening fangs on full display, the knowledge that one bite from his teeth causes an awful transformation lands this character on our list. Beware the full moon!

3. Jaws, Jaws

This one is obvious! Shark teeth top the list of scariest animal teeth for good reason, and Jaws is one of the most frightening of all time. You won’t catch us swimming in the ocean anytime soon after watching Jaws!

2. Pennywise, It

Pennywise, the evil clown who preys on innocent kids, has a wicked grin that was destined for this list. Perhaps the scariest thing about this particular clown is the way his jaw opens so wide it seems to unhinge as he takes a bite!

1. Count Orlok, Nosferatu

Count Orlok, the evil vampire from the classic Nosferatu, was one of the first monsters portrayed on the big screen, striking fear into the hearts of viewers. With his gnashing teeth and taste for human blood, Count Orlok earns the top spot on our list.

Which scary monsters top your list of most terrifying teeth? Let us know the next time you’re in our office. As long as you’re brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and visiting our office for cleanings and exams, you should be able to avoid the scary dental problems plaguing our friends above. To schedule your next appointment or to ask our friendly team any questions, contact us today!

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