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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of a Root Canal

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It seems like everyone and their mother is afraid of a root canal. Thanks to popular culture, it’s one of the most dreaded dental procedures imaginable. But what is a root canal? And is it really that scary?

A root canal is a procedure that saves an infected tooth by removing and replacing the root. Symptoms of an infected root can be tooth pain, sensitivity, and gum swelling. The infection is usually caused by a crack, general decay, injury, or an old filling.

While many people are terrified of root canals, the truth is that they are nothing to lose sleep over. Here are three important reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of a root canal.

1. Root canal pain is comparable to getting a cavity filled.

The pain you probably associate with a root canal actually refers to the pain you feel before being treated, when the root is still infected. Left untreated, this pain can be intense. But for the actual root canal procedure, the level of discomfort is similar to that of a normal cavity filling. When the procedure is done and you have recovered, the tooth pain is gone, permanently. Getting a root canal actually gets rid of the pain!

2. A root canal procedure takes less time than you think.

Root canal procedures are not long, drawn-out affairs. It will only take marginally longer than a regular cavity filling. First, your dentist will make a small hole in the infected tooth and use that hole to remove the infected tissue. They will fill the hole with a rubber compound and restore the tooth shape with a dental crown. This lets the tooth retain its natural shape, so your smile won’t suffer. Most root canals can be completed within one visit to your dentist, just like a cavity filling.

3. You get to keep your own tooth!

The best part about a root canal is that it saves your tooth. This way you don’t have to get an implant, which can be a costly and time-intensive process. Dentists always prefer to let their patients keep their own tooth when it’s possible—that’s good for your smile and for your future dental health!

The bottom line is that root canals actually help you, they don’t hurt you. To learn more about root canals, or if you think you might need the procedure, contact the friendly White Settlement Family Dentistry team today!

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