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Do you wish you had a confident smile that brightens other people’s day? You can by upgrading your smile with cosmetic dentistry. You have options from subtle changes to dramatic smile makeovers that completely transform your smile. We offer the latest cosmetic dental treatments and techniques available. From tooth-colored dental restorations, cosmetic bonding, teeth straightening solutions and professional teeth whitening. For dramatic changes we offer gum lifts, crowns, veneers and implants.

We offer a range of cosmetic treatments that fit your situation. We spend the time to listen to you to find out what will work best for reaching your goals. If your smile has been impacted by disease, trauma, or genetics, we have a smile upgrade option for you.

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To experience the difference, and get the smiles you’ve always wanted with our cosmetic dental services, call 817-529-0529, or complete our online form.

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