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Facts vs. Fiction: What Dental Fads to Avoid

Sometimes it's hard to resist a good trend, but it’s best to stay away from most dental trends out there. Here are some popular fads that are ineffective or even dangerous when it comes to your oral health. Grills You may have seen your favorite rapper wearing a shiny and expensive pair of grills and got inspired to do the same, but they can actually be pretty damaging to your teeth and gums. The materials in grills can erode at your tooth ... Read more

How Your Smile Can Affect Your Confidence

Did you know that your emotional wellbeing affects your physical health? Smiling may not be as intense as a 30-minute workout, but it can make an equally major impact on your self esteem. The Science Behind Smiling When you smile, it releases endorphins, which can help you actually feel happier (even if your smile was fake!) and more self-confident. This can start a domino effect where other people feel happier when around you as well. Studies have shown that being smiled at is a ... Read more

Top 5 Scariest Monster Teeth

There’s plenty that should be scary about Halloween – spooky costumes, haunted houses, creepy decorations. However, as the season of increased candy consumption approaches, we never want our patients feeling terrified about the state of their oral hygiene! To maintain the health of your smile during the Halloween season, make sure you’re indulging your sweet tooth in moderation and keeping up with your regular dental care habits. At White Settlement Family Dentistry, we’ve gotten into the Halloween spirit by asking our ... Read more

What Did People Do Before Toothpaste?

There’s no doubt that Americans love their toothpaste: We consume an estimated 14 billion gallons per year! With its plaque and cavity-fighting properties, whitening capabilities, and array of breath-freshening flavors, it’s hard to imagine dental care without toothpaste, which was invented in the nineteenth century. So what did people use to clean their teeth before then? Toothbrushes Many ancient cultures used chewing sticks and twigs as a way to clean and pick their teeth without toothpaste. The ancient Chinese even developed toothbrushes made ... Read more