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Why Is Sugar Bad for My Teeth?

Sugar = Food for Bacteria Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that coats your teeth as the bacteria multiplies. But how does it get there in the first place? Plaque makes a home on the surface of or in between your teeth when it has something to feed on: sugar. When plaque breaks sugar down, it releases an acidic by-product that in turn dissolves your tooth enamel. In other words, sugar itself isn’t what is bad for your teeth, but the ... Read more

Is Chewing Gum Safe for My Teeth?

Chewing gum may seem like an easy way to freshen your breath and curb food cravings, but can it damage your teeth? Sugar Can Damage Your Teeth Many brands of gum contain sugar, which is well-known for its damaging effects on your teeth. We all have bacteria on the surface of our teeth, but when that bacteria comes in contact with sugar, it releases a harmful acid as a byproduct that is damaging to our teeth and increases our risk for tooth decay. ... Read more

What Are Cavities?

Have you ever had a cavity? You’re not alone: one report shows that nine in ten Americans have cavities in their adult teeth! But how exactly do we get cavities, and what can make them go away? Causes of Cavities Cavities are small areas of tooth decay that are usually form holes in your teeth. Tooth decay happens easily if you eat a carbohydrate-rich diet without taking proper and consistent care of your oral health. This is because plaque and bacteria release harmful ... Read more