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“I’ve never visited a dental facility that was cleaner, more friendly and down right fun as this one. Wonderful people and wonderful service! The only thing that could make it better would be if it were free.”
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At White Settlement Family Dentistry in West Fort Worth, TX, we take pride in exceeding the state and federal health and safety standards for dental practices. Our office is kept cleaned and organized, and we have a special area solely for our modern sterilization equipment. In this area, every tool we have is wrapped, disinfected, and prepared for use, and we have systems that prevent our instruments from getting cross contaminated. Not only do we sterilize our tools and treatment rooms between patients, but we also have processes in place for getting our equipment and tools tested at an outside laboratory to ensure that everything is sterile and safe.

Safety & Security for Personal Information

Just like the safety of your health is a priority for us, we also take great care to ensure the safety of the personal information you provide us. White Settlement Family Dentistry complies with all OSHA and HIPPA regulations. All of our patient data is stored on secure servers, and we never share it with outside parties unless we have permission from the patient or guardian (for example, when it is necessary for referral to a specialist). Your financial information is also kept encrypted and safe. If you have any questions about the security of our patient records, we are happy to discuss it with you further.

Investing in Excellence

As your trusted healthcare provider, it’s very important to us that you feel safe and secure while in our care. That’s why we go above and beyond with our safety, cleanliness, and security standards at our dental practice. We worry about everything big and small so you don’t have to!

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